Is there a standby mode for the gamepad?

#1ss2vegeta2006Posted 2/3/2013 4:22:03 AM
It's just seems a waste of the gamepads battery when using apps like Netflix and Lovefilm.
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#2DeathSoul2000Posted 2/3/2013 4:24:04 AM
home button - controller settings - gamepad screen off. thats as close as your gonna get, short of removing the battery.
#3ss2vegeta2006(Topic Creator)Posted 2/3/2013 4:30:23 AM
Just tried it, it doesn't let you turn the gamepad display off and continue watching apps bit of an oversight hopefully something that Nintendo fixes with an update. The Nyko U boost is out next week anyways so it won't be as much of a problem then I guess.
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#4Dark_Link92Posted 2/3/2013 4:47:21 AM
There needs to be a way. You can take it out of the console's range for long enough that it turns itself off, but that is stupid. The controller should have an independent on/off button. If I turn the console on to play Mighty Switch Force with the Pro Controller, I have to just have the GamePad display off, instead of the whole thing. I hope it is changed in some way soon. Not to mention unless you set it somewhere like the cradle, the slightest nudge presses the shoulder buttons and wakes it up.
They could make it like GBA sleep mode, where you need a certain button combination.
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