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Should SEGA now focus on older titles sequels, like Alicia Dragoon? (Poll)maizemaize211/20 12:56PM
Who has better chance at GOTY 2014? (Poll)
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maizemaize2211/20 12:49PM
Lucario Amiibo exclusive to Toys R Us
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kdognumba12211/20 12:47PM
internal hard drive issue?rvd42387511/20 12:45PM
So I just received an email that my smash preorder in R us is delayed...felipin24411/20 12:39PM
Sell me on a Wii U
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joboee12111/20 12:39PM
List games you have conquered for the first time this year.
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fon19881411/20 12:37PM
Which one should parents be more concerned about? (Poll)
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Garfield642011/20 12:36PM
It's sad that Watch Dogs Wii U actually is a good port but not many will buy
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kinglink132011/20 12:27PM
How's Alphadia Genesis did anyone download it yet...Trevor_Belmont211/20 12:12PM
Xenoblade Chronicles X confirmed to have online multiplayer
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kdognumba12511/20 12:08PM
Favorite NSMB game? (Poll)
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seltraeh222711/20 12:03PM
What are your 10 favorite games on your favorite Nintendo console?DuranManII411/20 11:58AM
12 hours till Smash Bros in NA
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kdognumba11511/20 11:53AM
What Potential DLC Stages would you like to see ? (Poll)
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NeonYoshi111511/20 11:47AM
Here is proof of my Amiibo and Pokemon deliveryMech_Battalion211/20 11:34AM
Getting my Amiibo's today!!Mech_Battalion1011/20 11:21AM
Mighty No. 9 Staff Roll Survey available nowmmarkster511/20 11:10AM
what zelda game had the best bow
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AceMos2111/20 11:06AM
GameCube Adapter Shipping Delay? (Game Stop)ptreemf12511/20 10:59AM