new super mario bros series vs super mario bros series

#1chstarPosted 2/3/2013 4:14:30 PM
So long story short I am sure this has been done before. but I am 26 and my brother is 13. And growing up, naturally I was a huge fan of super mario bros 3 and super mario world. and while I play and enjoy the new super mario bros series of games (excluding the 3DS one, I didn't like that one very much) I never felt that that series had ever recaptured mario 3 or mario worlds glory. And I feel thats a pretty standard opinion of most gamers.

however my brother recently told me that new super mario bros DS was his favorite 2D mario game. and he said that its only because I was older that I felt the way I did. While I feel mario 3/world was better regardless of generational differences (in other words its not just nostalgia).

So I am just curious if there are others who think the new super mario bros series is superior to mario 3/world, and he's right, it's just generational. Or that he is just a whack job, and clearly mario 3/world is better.

thank you for your opinions.
#2StarmanJuniorPosted 2/3/2013 8:39:22 PM
quite the whack job...New Super Mario Bros. games are entertaining (with the exception of the obvious) but they are watered down compared to their superior bretheren
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#3LonelyGoombaPosted 2/3/2013 8:42:19 PM
I think the general consensus is, and what I agree is.
the original games are better.
the fact it's took nsmb FOUR GAMES to even get close to the level of quality World had is a bit of a shame.

nsmbU is a cracking game though, top notch. doesn't redeem the others though
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