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Based on the poll, which system do you want to see most from Nintendo next gen?SolomonBenDavid812/19 10:31PM
PSA: new Nintendo console won't be out for 2 or 3+ yearsThePollGuy54712/19 10:29PM
Lucario Pre-Orders Not Really CancelledSurfinClubStyle112/19 10:26PM
Sonic boom worse than 06?ysoserious112/19 10:14PM
Account Questions..AgentOfGamers512/19 10:07PM
How would you feel if Nintendo's next console launched next year? (Poll)
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Mandrew2574112/19 9:59PM
Whats your "destress game"?
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locky7233012/19 9:53PM
Blinking red light on gamepadsolidmaximus712/19 9:53PM
Will someone explain what Miyamoto means in this article please.
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gafemaqs1612/19 9:49PM
Starman Christmas tree topC Redfield812/19 9:46PM
It really is funny how Nintendo shows more love to Mega Man than Capcom does.Maverick_Reznor112/19 9:42PM
Percy approves of Amiibo!Dinglesteed512/19 9:27PM
Megaman 2 or steamworld dig?KingDeadpool712/19 9:26PM
Target will not accept any more Rosalina online preorders.Chenmaster2812/19 9:04PM
Wii U GC Adapter.Sega_Saturn09912/19 9:01PM
eShop is the worst digital store in the industry.
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Arn54414212/19 8:56PM
How would releasing a successor to the Wii U help?
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Golden Maven2312/19 8:52PM
VERY accurate comic on ubisoftThePollGuy54712/19 8:38PM
Sonic boom made the worse games of all time wiki list! (Closed)cameronpbb312/19 8:35PM
Can we all agree that the Xenoblade series is...
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Jaewong5612/19 8:19PM