But the Wii U gamepad is a gimmick. riiiggghhht.

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  3. But the Wii U gamepad is a gimmick. riiiggghhht.
2 years ago#31
of course its a gimmick

why does gimmick have to have a negative meaning.
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2 years ago#32
i personally think the tablet controller was a good move on nintendos part. it has so many applications that could work so well with gaming, both hardcore and casual i dont understand why more people arent embracing it, i really hope they can use it to its full potential.
2 years ago#33
STE573 posted...
PSOLavis posted...
Definition: Gimmick- "An innovative or unusual mechanical contrivance; a gadget. something designed to attract extra attention, interest, or publicity."

How are all the things in this thread mentioned not gimmicks? To argue that the gamepad is not a gimmick because something ms is making is more gimmicky does not fly.


Learn what the word gimmick means before using it out of context.

The interesting thing about the English language is that it is the only language that actually continues to add words. The language also has a history of changing the meaning of words. You can recite the definition as much as you like, but the word "gimmick" has a negative connotation to it and IGN certainly isn't complementing Nintendo when they talk about Nintendo "gimmicks." I suspect that you actually know this and are being needlessly obtuse.
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2 years ago#34
How about it we call it gimmivation.
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2 years ago#35
@LonelyGoomba. TC, I agree with you but just like what LonelyGoomba said, the word ''gimmick'' is not a negative word. its neutral.

E.g. I saw a non official advert of Mario Kart Wii once that said
New gimmicks!
Ride a motorcycle! Play as your Mii!

It depends on the context on where the word gimmick is used. But I agree IGN probably is bashing Nintendo for Wii U. But who isn't? I've heard some say ''grow up'' to Nintendo, some said ''running out of ideas so they make weird gimmicky things''. (That's an example of using the word in a negative way).
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2 years ago#36
Why are nintendo fanboys so defensive?
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2 years ago#37
Xeeh_Bitz posted...
ZimbabweBob posted...
If Nintendo does something different, it's a gimmick, a cheap diversion. If MicroSony does something different, it's innovation!

Technically touch screen controllers has been around before the Wii U

Sega created the first touch screen controller/handheld, it never made it to release.

Tiger's Game.Com made it to release and touch screen controls for arcades has been popular in Japan since early 2000

So where is the innovation from nintendo?

Same thing with motion controls. Xavix had multiple game controlling devices out way before the Wii. Nintendo just consolidated the devices.

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2 years ago#38
Illumiroom has potential, but honestly, at the moment, it looks terrible.
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2 years ago#39
Dark_Link92 posted...
Illumiroom has potential, but honestly, at the moment, it looks terrible.

The least of its problems is that you have to play in a dark room now. No daytime playing for you.
First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win. by Mahatma Gandhi.
2 years ago#40
Remember... If Nintendo does it, it's a gimmick. If anyone else does it, it's innovation. And if Apple does it, it's a paradigm shift that will shake technological conventions to their very core.
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  3. But the Wii U gamepad is a gimmick. riiiggghhht.

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