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Do you personally believe there will be a Daisy amiibo? (Poll)
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NSMBU vs Rayman Legends - Battle of the 2D platformers (Poll)
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Have a great ChristmAs! Best wishes for the U in 2015!
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xmasSONYpony1612/26 9:00AM
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$30 pro controllerMr_Starch312/26 8:53AM
The Wii U and 3DS are the only two consoles with online
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RobJ242612/26 8:52AM
Has that new gamepad even been officially announced yet?Holy_Oblivion512/26 8:47AM
Kirby canvas sequel does not deserve hate, guys.tropicaltease812/26 8:43AM
1 thing you'd HATE to see and 1 thing you'd LOVE to seecoder2121312/26 8:40AM
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Is the gamepad screen kinda blurry/super bloomy for anyone else?Alaru312/26 8:27AM
Got Xbox one, and spent all day playing Connkers and Warrios! xMaciver712/26 8:19AM
Can I connect my original Wiimote and Classic Controller to my Wii U?
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What's your Wii U game collection?
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Cyndaquilfan1232312/26 8:04AM
Is the Wii U Pro Controller compatible for every Wii U game?
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E3 2015 guessing.Braver_Angel_70212/26 7:39AM
Best games for a 9 year old girl?
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