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Club Nintendo: Super Metroid ruined me. :(
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Legend0531804112/25 6:11PM
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The wii u inside story by a secret developer of the wii u. (architecture of wiiu
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GaurdianAuron2512/25 5:52PM
was samus aran a strong character? *possible spoilers*skermac912/25 5:50PM
Thinking of buying a Wii U.Dark_Vercetti312/25 5:40PM
New WiiU, update is taking FOREVER. Is that normal for the first time?
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cdp17052012/25 5:40PM
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Today proves the Nintendo Wii U is the BEST system this genIM_IGNORANT812/25 5:11PM
Unbox dead WiiU. Merry Christmas.
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Zimmercat215012/25 4:56PM
80 bucks. Bayonetta 2 or Hyrule Warriors?
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ObsceneAnarchy1912/25 4:52PM
Who do you think will be the most common wave 3 amiibo? (Poll)Super-Mario-Fan212/25 4:41PM
games under 25$kubricklynch412/25 4:33PM
Where are all my Nintendo codes?GeekyDad612/25 4:29PM
Just got a Wii u today for Christmas any game suggestions?jiffylemmon1012/25 4:24PM
Asscreed 3 or 4 on Wii U
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carljenk2012/25 4:12PM
Would you loke to see sonic boom sonic in the next smash bros?progressivegmr2312/25 4:11PM
The U is so ****ing perfect.
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wiiU-Mark1212/25 4:09PM