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Poll: Will you be getting Devils Third? (Poll)
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Mandrew2571910/24 11:12AM
Cleaning both exterior and interior dust from the Wii USunSoI410/24 11:04AM
Any new Wii U bundles comming out anytime soon?hijokaiden510/24 10:53AM
I would like a Wii U, but...
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VerySolidusSnak1210/24 10:45AM
I guess gamestop only had enough copies of Bayonetta 2 for pre-ordersMaverick_Reznor310/24 10:22AM
Do you think people in 50 years will be still playing with regular controllers?
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Nemerlight2810/24 10:20AM
Question regarding external hard drivesPhantomPuppet710/24 10:12AM
The Digital Deluxe Program is just compensation for buying external storaUncleGrubby810/24 9:54AM
Why won't Nintendo make a normal home consol anymore?
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SONGUNDAM4310/24 8:46AM
Buttons!!!! Sounds!
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PS4Warrior1910/24 8:39AM
Best Nintendo 3d controller V2 (Poll)Infinity8378110/24 8:33AM
What game should I play first?
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Cougar_Pride1210/24 8:30AM
Best nintendo controller design (Poll)
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Infinity83783010/24 8:29AM
I think Nintendo made a big mistake with Smash Bros Wii U.
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DifferentialEquation8010/24 8:22AM
That direct calmed my fears about 3ds vs wii u smashFishels110/24 8:11AM
So, more reasons to buy the 3ds smash after yesterdays direct?bernbebeer410/24 7:56AM
Bayo 2 first print edition just arrived
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thefabregas221110/24 7:42AM
Do Bing Gamestop gift cards expire?Crystal_Dream110/24 7:41AM
Need some helpNeoBowser610/24 7:25AM
Do Wii games have to be played stretched on the Wii U?VejitaSS4610/24 7:22AM