Lego City Undercover trailer- release date March 28

#11enjoinesPosted 2/4/2013 11:37:34 AM
looks great.

Nintendo needs to market this right, I have a feeling it wont sell.

hopefully they show some commercials.
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Maxx_the_Slash posted...
Why does the game box at the end of the video look like it's in an actual cardboard box? Does the UK version come with something extra that the US version isn't getting? It looks like a box styled after what the Wii Super Mario All-Stars had, with the game box and another box with a CD inside it.

I know it can't be the Chase McCain mini-figure that's going to be a pre-order bonus because those are going to be in plastic bags. And clerks usually just hand you both the game and pre-order bonuses as separate things. Something in there with the normal game box.

That box is from another country. Not sure they have gamestops there. So they are putting the figure in the box. Pay attention.
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