I really wish they could port over Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition

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No offense, but I don't think the Wii U's target audience would enjoy Dark Souls much. It'd be a poor move for everyone involved. If you really want Dark Souls, get it on PC - it's a console port, so it should run fine if you have a somewhat modern computer.

Until you install dsfix to "fix" the game from being a bad port and you realize you need a decent computer again. I have zero issues rocking 1080p at 60 fps but the computer illiterate may.

I think the "computer illiterate" are the same people who wouldn't notice/care about the game being locked at 30 FPS and internally stuck at sub-HD resolution. Hell, I played it fine without DSfix (which at the time looked quite ugly due to some visual effects being broken).
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I would love to play this game with the gamepad. The game doesn't pause when you access the menu anyway, now you'd be able to have the menu and item access through touchscreen on the gamepad. But really I just want the ability to play the game remotely using only the agmepad. I think all games should be ported for this reason alone. I love sitting on my couch playing away while my wife sits next to me watching tv.

P.S.- I know ports are not ideal, but I would love to have a ton of ports while we wait for the trueely great Nintendo exclusives.

it'll NEVER happen. the piiu couldn't even handle blight town. besides you have nintendoland. why don't you just play that?