PAL gamers: Add 60hz at the end of you Mii name to raise awareness

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Awesomely Awesome AJ posted...
With the flood of Earthbound posts in the American Balloon Fight and now the flood of these posts on the UK Miiverse. I wonder if Nintendo will either listen to these requests or just flag them for spam

I don't think that's a good comparison...
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DTY3 posted...
The Balloon Fight Community must be awful for actual Balloon Fight fans.

To be fair though, there's not much to talk about balloon fight :p

Well, there is the obscure GameBoy sequel, the 3d version of Balloon Flight in Wario Ware Smooth Moves, the Nintendo Land attraction and i think there was also a Tingle themed DS Balloon game from Nintendo.

There was also a pretty excellent little Balloon Flight based game in Sega's/Prope's/Yuji Naka's Let's Tap.
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Nah sorry. Sounds stupid but good luck with that.

Oh and did someone forget to change your diaper Djoker?? Sure are cranky but I can't balem you. Sony really have been dropping the ball on their gaming system so you have to come here for your entertainment.
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DTY3 posted...
The Balloon Fight Community must be awful for actual Balloon Fight fans.

Sad thing is a few users actually crossed over to the Japanese community to protest there as well.
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The sad thing is they are giving us 50hz games.
End of post.
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I can't. I'm voting with my wallet instead...
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Make it 60 hurts
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