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4 years ago#1
I recently swapped TVs with my WiiU console. With the other tv everything worked fine. With the new one any time I try to play something on Netflix, anything, the screen on the tv is blank. It works fine on the gamepad, and fine on the other tv. Both TVs are Hdmi 1080p. Games (Nintendo land and new super mario bros) work fine.

Any suggestions?
4 years ago#2
turn tv off then back on while the audio is playing through your tv. Mine does the same but that seems to fix it.
4 years ago#3
Does the TV support HDCP? Pretty sure Netflix (as well as the other video services, except maybe YouTube) requires it, while the system itself might not.
4 years ago#4
That's a good question, I'll check this afternoon. You would think the app could at least produce an error in that case, rather than just a blank screen.
4 years ago#5
It happens every now and then on my 360. I just go back to the selection screen and restart. Usually fixes for me that way. If not then I quit to the dashboard and restart. Haven't had too many troubles with the Wii U.
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