Only 3 weeks until Rayman launches, are you getting it?

#21sonic_brawler95Posted 2/4/2013 9:36:16 PM
Sakurafanboy posted...
Yes x 1000. If a person hates Castle Rock, they have no soul.

Well put. This.
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#22dark trunksPosted 2/4/2013 9:56:38 PM
I would like to, but Ni No Kuni is the only purchase I can afford this month, so it will have to wait until next month, or April. Although it is tempting.
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#23FlyinTonitePosted 2/4/2013 10:00:03 PM
I did not care for Origins, I will not be getting Legends. It's pretty but mechanically it leaves a lot to be desired. I'd much prefer a new 3d rayman game. I had tons of fun with 2 and 3.
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#24goothgone514Posted 2/4/2013 10:03:24 PM
waiting for a price drop, should take around 1 month
#25ChipChippersonPosted 2/4/2013 10:31:28 PM
Eventually. I like the series but not enough to pay $60 for it.
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#26ColorBlindMagePosted 2/4/2013 11:16:56 PM
I would but I have other games to buy. I'll eventually pick it up.
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#27UmitenchoPosted 2/4/2013 11:18:51 PM
For some reason I can not get into Rayman.
#28strongo9Posted 2/4/2013 11:33:16 PM
I pre-ordered it for $38 several months before the Wii launch.
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troll topic?