So i bought a wii u today of off ebay

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User Info: semihazza

4 years ago#1
Won the auction and paid $470 for the used wii u ( used 10 times as condition on listing) + 5 games which are black ops, nintendo land, new super mario, your shape and transformers. Question. did i get a good deal out of it or??

User Info: The_Ollynator

4 years ago#2
Provided the condition and contents are accurate, I would say that's a decent deal. Not a 'steal' per say, but certainly good value. If I assume a basic (white) Wii U:

Wii U------------$300
Mario U---------$60
Your Shape---$50

The only reason why that may not be considered a 'good deal' is if some of those games weren't ones you would have bought if you got the system new. If you would have bought any 3/5 (or can equivalently sell any of them) then you would still break even.
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User Info: Garfield64

4 years ago#3
Wii U PREMIUM - 32GB, Cradle, Charger, Nintendo land




Mario U, Your Shape, Transformers

Total:------------$450 BRAND NEW

COULD of made it $15 cheaper but wanted to give you the 32GB upgrade/charger/cradle

So you were ripped off $20 if you have a premium, and $35 if you have a basic. Plus yours is used instead of new with a good warranty.
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