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Sonic deserves better treatment...I say hand the franchise over to Nintendo
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ceibanto1712/18 10:26AM
Who should/will be the third party co-developer of Star Fox? (Poll)
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PedroMontana1412/18 10:22AM
Should all games give you a difficulty option from the start? (Poll)BlueLinkHero412/18 10:12AM
I am playing Hyrule Warriors and a lot of it reminded me of Dynasty, but....docman864712/18 10:03AM
I think nintendo would sooner merge with someone, before ever going third party.
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Ranmaru-21212/18 9:55AM
eShop Releases 12/18/14 - Mega Man Zero, Natsume Wrestling, eShop Sales
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TheZuperHero1212/18 9:50AM
Can we all agree that Sonic is practically a Nintendo character?Cyndaquilfan123612/18 9:48AM
noob wii u questionHeartbreakKid37212/18 9:21AM
Megaman games discounted on eShopthatdude227312/18 9:21AM
Yea, I love Nintendo games and think they are awesome. Come at me bro!
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Maverick_Reznor4812/18 9:14AM
Itagaki Talks More About Devils Third On Wii U
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BaronVladz3712/18 9:02AM
RPG newbie. Where shall i start?
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jpng153212/18 8:58AM
Any update on Captain Falcon amiibo?FenDieselLives312/18 8:58AM
I'm having major issues with Hulu Plus?Peachrules14112/18 8:42AM
Should I buy EarthBound?
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Rabbit-Flareon1412/18 8:41AM
Do u still get coins at Club Nintendo..SurfinClubStyle312/18 8:39AM
Do the wii u games ever have sales on the e-shop?
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--Zero-1112/18 8:22AM
Where does Walmart tend to stock Amiibos?Arsene-Lupin712/18 8:22AM
Best websites for importing Amiibo?skaz9000412/18 8:04AM
Which amiibos are compatible with captain toad?monkeyspoon812/18 7:41AM