Nope. Nintendo only published in NA but not in other territories.

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You can polish a turd until it shines, but it is still a turd. Ninja Gaiden 3 has far too many things wrong with it even after the Wii U improvements.

I disagree, except if you have unrealistic standards. NG3RZ is still not as great as NG1&2, but it's a good solid game now.

This "it's not as great as the 9/10 games in the franchise so it's automatically 4/10" logic makes no sense when it's still an enjoyable game on it's own and still better then many other games in the genre.

Compared to Ninga Gaiden 1, it is a polished turd at best. Nothing that made the first game great is intact in #3.
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How dare they play a game on MY BELOVED SYSTEM that I've never played but IT'S A DESU KAWAII NINTENDO GAME and those d00d br0 fps playing casual gamers will ruin it by making it multiplat.

Am I doing this right?
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Ha what a stupid topic. You can tell the tc is soooooo angry.

You're the angry sounding one. Deflecting much?
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Now that it's a multiplat, all the trolls saying it's horrible will now say it's an awesome game.
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