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Are you a Nintendo fan or a Nintendo game fan? (Poll)
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Why can't we have DS games on the Wii U?
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carljenk182/27 4:41PM
List 2 titles each for Nintendo consoles you wanted but never got.maizemaize42/27 4:30PM
I'll be disappointed if ZombiU gets the Revelations treatment.
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Does the official Nintendo brand Japanese Gamecube adapter work on US consoles?shooterfan2222/27 4:14PM
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Having weird problem with my Wii U Virtual Console games.Duncanwii32/27 3:38PM
Is Bayonetta 2 easier than the first game?
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No N64 or GCN VC on the Wii U yet and here's why.
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Chenmaster2272/27 2:54PM
What if Splatoon was divided into half-price multiplayer and singleplayer packs?
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Gold Mario Amiibo preorders sell out in 15 min
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I think there's a problem with my Wii U...SegavsCapcom42/27 2:37PM
What is the best Sonic game I can get on Wii U?
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blazeair142/27 2:13PM
Metroid Prime was on its way to being my literal favorite game of all time until
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KayJayRight122/27 2:11PM
so smash bros and paper mario on the 3DS but no.....
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omniryu322/27 2:04PM
[Poll] Which Wii U game do you think Tantalus is porting to PS4, X1 and PC? (Poll)
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Looks like SEGA might be leaving the Console Business completely.
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xXDa-KidXx202/27 1:51PM