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Capcom suing Koei Tecmo could effect Hyrule Warriors.
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Panner828/28 5:45PM
Played Hyrule Warriors at Best Buy - Questions?
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RahzarX138/28 5:41PM
Bayonetta 2 Collector's Edition in the US? And/or will Bayonetta 1 be on disc?Kyle1022108/28 5:17PM
We (Europe and US) should be due a general Nintendo Direct soon.Nin3DSFan78/28 5:09PM
what did link said, when he greeted king k. rool?Nintendrome9248/28 5:02PM
so is now that nintendo wants to dump casuals, is mario...
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googler138/28 5:02PM
Pokken Tournament will include Non-Bipedal Pokemon
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Terotrous148/28 4:58PM
Are Game cube games coming to the VC?Tropical9148/28 4:43PM
Do you think Nintendo will count Mario Maker as their yearly Mario release?
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o___Okami118/28 4:42PM
Will there be a Mario Kart 9?
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PokemonYoutube178/28 4:42PM
I'm curious, did you buy the WiiU new or used? (Poll)
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andizzle29662178/28 4:18PM
Recommendations for more spaceShadowInTheMyst28/28 4:11PM
Gone Home confirmed for Wii U?Sonytendo18/28 3:59PM
Link driving a Mercedes Benz around an F-Zero track.
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WonkyKong228/28 3:50PM
Changing state on Wii U_Rozalina28/28 3:31PM
Just picked up a Wii U. Any good eshop must haves?miffie_1108/28 3:29PM
Is the Wii U like coke?HermeticJustice108/28 3:24PM
Speed of internal flash storage?zergslayer6988/28 3:13PM
Mario Kart 8 online activityPackersXLV28/28 3:05PM
Nintendo! Make me a zelda waifu game already!
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Snow-Dust208/28 3:04PM