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People say the PS4/XB1 is better
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Mobius1Rising3112/28 7:49PM
After owning a WiiU since launch, I've finally used the WiiU chat
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andizzle296622012/28 7:47PM
Is Super Mario Advance 2 worth it if you already own Super Mario World?
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CM_Malvado3612/28 7:07PM
Virtual Console and GamepadBeyondKrayzie712/28 6:57PM
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tgrz20112512/28 6:36PM
Did any of you pick up any games from Gamestop's Buy 2 get 1 free sale?
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renegadeseraph2012/28 6:35PM
What's your Wii U game collection?
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Cyndaquilfan1234112/28 6:22PM
Picking up Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for $11 - good deal? Don't own a WiiU yet.KittyBillionair612/28 6:11PM
Is the U an accepted console amongst your BBF's?
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PSponylifestyle1912/28 6:10PM
What are the MUST HAVE wii games?tropicaltease612/28 6:08PM
Can I still buy wii VC games on wiimode?Muryo512/28 5:54PM
I have faith in Nintendo.SonyPonyKiller812/28 5:51PM
Any old timers here remember Space World??Deedubau512/28 5:36PM
When will Nintendo release a new console? (Poll)SPACEHAWKS712/28 5:30PM
Can I get disney infinity 1 on Wii u, and use the infinity 2 pad?Voelger712/28 5:28PM
Do those classic wii controllers from last gen work with the wii u?TheReckoner512/28 5:25PM
What are you a fan boy/girl off
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Mobius1Rising3012/28 5:17PM
Any word on a Luigi's Mansion for Wii U? (Closed)SPACEHAWKS212/28 5:16PM
NitendoLife's review of World of KeflingsSegavsCapcom112/28 5:15PM
YR: The next Nintendo Console is not built around any pricy major gimmicks.MarioGamer12345712/28 5:10PM