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I hope Metroid U is nothing like Other M.
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IngSlayer353/4 10:16PM
How good is Splinter Cell Blacklist on this system?Justice9840563/4 10:09PM
I hope Zelda U starts like Majora's Maskcarljenk53/4 10:03PM
Who needs 3rd party? We have Marios!My_Unit33/4 9:52PM
When will Rodea the Sjy Soldier be available for preorder?Maverick_Reznor73/4 9:20PM
Is console gaming really dead in Japan or just the Wii U?
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Megamushroom666483/4 9:00PM
You guys should check out CrossCode kickstarter on indiegogo21_21103/4 8:51PM
Twilight Princess vs Skyward Sword (Poll)
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oOo_SOX_oOo413/4 8:48PM
ELDERS PLAY MARIO KART 8 (Elders React: Gaming)Ritster2153/4 8:40PM
Is the Unity Engine easy to developed with?aiman463/4 8:32PM
You think the online community in Splatoon will last long?Mandrew25793/4 8:30PM
first print runs of Rodea will include the Wii version.Sakurafanboy103/4 8:30PM
Dont Starve: Giant Edition coming to Wii U!BaronVladz83/4 8:14PM
Nintendo should stop making hardware....but remain 1st party.
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Tempest717163/4 8:09PM
Why is there so many doom and gloom, hate topics in the Wii U boards?
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HylianSmasher743/4 7:56PM
Gamepad problem (Closed)CloudStrife98x23/4 7:47PM
Splatoon Update Thread: Weapons, Characters, Maps, Details and more!
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xXDa-KidXx213/4 7:40PM
YR: Yu Narukami is a playable character in SMTxFE
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linkaegar223/4 7:37PM
Game Theory talks about toad...
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edbassmaster433/4 7:36PM
Speaking of crossovers, what about a Metroidvania styled Zelda gameLegend05318053/4 7:30PM