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Bayo 2 or Hyrule warriors?
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Mindwipe77203/27 4:19PM
Do you think the delay has anything to do with mobile versions?Ryu X33/27 4:17PM
I hope the NX is just the Wii U with better hardware and updated online.sLaCkEr408___RJ73/27 4:15PM
With Zelda delayed, what's gonna be the Wii U's big Holiday title?
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CutthemacX313/27 4:14PM
"Zelda Wii U will be moved to Nintendo NX because delay to 2016"
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MarioGamer12345133/27 4:13PM
With zelda delayed Nintendo will screw Europe
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shaunme193/27 4:13PM
Miyamoto: "Are you sure that this will be released next year?" - VGA14
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CutthemacX123/27 4:12PM
This board is going crazyBehaviorism63/27 4:12PM
Is there anyone doubting they'll move Zelda to a new platform?GF_Sybb33/27 4:12PM
will the "new" zelda be bundled with a system?potatochobit23/27 4:11PM
I don't get it, why can't nintendo just make a regular FPS game?
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potatochobit713/27 4:09PM
thinking about picking up nes remix questionsthadogg13/27 4:07PM
Looks like Zelda U will get Twilight PrincessedRyu X23/27 4:06PM
What's wrong with "being stuck in the 90s"?
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SegavsCapcom973/27 4:06PM
Zelda u is going to pushed to the NX (PREDICTION)
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UnclePanda163/27 4:04PM
Calling it now: Zelda Wii U will be moved to be a Nintendo NX gameIceHusky1383/27 4:03PM
Can't think of 1 game to get this year now that Zelda is delayedhellbringher33/27 4:02PM
I'm not even mad about Zelda Wii U.
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HeroC114133/27 3:59PM
If Splatoon used mario characters, would Daisy have been playable?
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Michaeloll123/27 3:58PM
YR: Sega releases a bunch of Sonic side character spin-offs instead of...
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Larsa_Britdor253/27 3:58PM