Rich (IGN): "Some very interesting Wii U-related news coming tomorrow"

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Ni no kuni for wiiU confirmed!!!!!

Includes brand new content, exclusive to the Wii U. MSRP:$49.99

As a special bonus several Pokemon will be available as special familiars.

I have a feeling that if ni no kuni had released on ds as originally planned it would have just been branded as a pokemon clone. But it goes to ps3 and everyone is praising it.

Who cares if it is a "clone", it's better than Pokemon will ever be. If you were to ask me 2 months ago what I would want a 3D Pokemon game to be like, it would be the exact description of Ni No Kuni. Except Ni No Kuni has a much better story and visual style to it than Pokemon ever would.

On that note, I hope it ISN'T a Ni No Kuni announcement, I already have it (: Although Gamepad only play would be nice.
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I just hope it's the announcement of a new bundle coming to the US, similar to the Deluxe bundle coming to Canada with Nintendo Land, Zombi U, and a pro controller. I'm on board to pick up a Wii U, but none of the current models are even close to a good value. But bundle in an extra controller and a game I'm interested in and it will be a fair enough deal that I'll bite.

I dont get it. How is an extra controller good value? A Wii U is good value because of games. IF the games right now dont justify it wait till Summer or till Winter, then youll definately be able to justify it.

I find it hard to believe that you "don't get it". There's nothing to get. An extra controller (that I want and would cost me extra) and an extra game (that I also want) is where the value lies. How can you not get that?
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Y'know, I'm just about ready to call Rich a liar at this point.
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Y'know, I'm just about ready to call Rich a liar at this point.

It's 11:00am eastern/8:00am pacific time. There's an awful lot of time in the work day. Do you think that EVERYTHING pops up right first thing in the morning? Just give it some time...
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Y'know, I'm just about ready to call Rich a liar at this point.

Like Virus said chill out dude, it's still super early on the West coast where IGN is.
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This is it, confirmed:

System pre-packed with Nintendo Land then digital download of any 2 $59.99 games of your choice.

First adopters may get this choice too, not confirmed.

Save this post, this is a lock.

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I hope the "interesting news" isn't Wii U Street View and the new MiiVerse rules.....
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They didnt say it was coming from IGN. Rayman being delayed 4 years so it can come out on PS3 and 360 is interesting news.
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I bet he's being a douchebag, calling the recent Rayman Legends news "interesting Wii U related news".
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It is Rayman guys. Class A trolling from IGN here after the project X announcement, lol
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