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A new Metroid, if properly advertised, would boost sales for the Wii U.
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koalabear9301125/2 10:55AM
I really want Nintendo to focus on new games at this E3.BlueLinkHero45/2 10:52AM
this console's time is nearing.
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Hastewind245/2 10:27AM
Will the GameCube adapter work with these games?Dannyson9735/2 10:27AM
how to run n64 games in full screen?elsmitty65/2 10:21AM
anyone use the Wii U lens cleaning kit?Blue_Katarn15/2 9:58AM
How much can I get for a gamepad battery with 1500 mah?Mikey9335/2 9:54AM
I'm not going to watch the Splatoon Direct because I don't need anymore spoilersChenmaster285/2 9:40AM
Wiiu problem, bricked??
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Wolverinefactor145/2 9:25AM
How many of you have caved and bought amiibos from scalpers?
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jigglyweigel485/2 9:18AM
Do you think the splatoon amiibos will be rare?
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derpdaderpy345/2 9:07AM
YR: Yooka-Laylee is best experienced on a Wii U.
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DiscostewSM695/2 9:00AM
Turok coming to Kickstarter in a month?!?Worn_out65/2 8:14AM
What's the best Fatal Frame game? (Poll)
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Megamushroom666155/2 8:09AM
Not many games left i guess to get for wii uMindwipe7745/2 8:06AM
Why the Wii U is a worthwhile console choicecarljenk25/2 7:59AM
I'm only going to make super easy levels in mario maker.
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HighFive115/2 7:46AM
They should put F-Zero Climax on the eShopAganos55/2 7:42AM
do you think playtonic games went to ninty originally?thefabregas2255/2 7:40AM
What nintendo heavy hitter will set wii U sales on fire?
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HighFive295/2 7:34AM