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At this point, should Nintendo just give up on the Wii U? (Poll)INTERWEBUSER33/27 9:51PM
Is Pikmin 3 rare?
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WebsandWigs653/27 9:50PM
The funniest thing about all of this are the clowns claiming that Zelda U will
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Foo__Fighters423/27 9:45PM
So now that zelda is delayed, what's left to look forward to this year?
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Tadamoto6163/27 9:43PM
omg YES!!! YES!!! Zelda U DELAYED!JunDageki103/27 9:40PM
I'm fed up!
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PCGamingMyths143/27 9:31PM
ITT: sequels to some worthy N64 and Wii Franchises of attach rate of .025Infinity837893/27 9:24PM
Satoru Iwata Hates The Term "Free To Play"jongold9993/27 9:14PM
They should make a Zelda GalaxySolidKnight13/27 9:14PM
Well, Zelda U is delayed...Snow-Dust43/27 9:10PM
I'm not surprised Zelda got delayed. I AM surprised/disappointed at lack of E3.Itou_Kaiji73/27 9:10PM
Wind Waker HD is my #1 most wanted game (And only wanted game) on this system.
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NewportBox100s2863/27 8:57PM
With Zelda delayed, here's what we have left
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coder2121383/27 8:53PM
Isn't Zelda being delayed a sign that the NX will come later rather than sooner?
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uberking422133/27 8:48PM
The reason why Zelda U got delayed.Kefkas_Revenge53/27 8:47PM
I actually hope Zelda U is an NX launch title
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Mandrew257143/27 8:46PM
Is Nintendo being more hush-hush with prereleases compared to before?Bomber_Rocket73/27 8:45PM
Do Wii Virtual console games carry over onto the Wii U?Padraigo5243/27 8:40PM
Zelda U being delayed isnt the big story, the bad part is that it won't be at E3
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slymshady153/27 8:38PM
Boy.... Nintendo really set out to murder the Wii U this month
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PhaseBlack143/27 8:35PM