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Holiday 2015omniryu33/31 1:59PM
Nintendo Direct tomorrow CONFIRMED!!!
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Sakurafanboy803/31 1:56PM
which nd leak do you think is real (Poll)
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jacksl243/31 1:55PM
Do you think Retro Studios' new game will be revealed tomorrow? (Poll)
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Megamushroom666193/31 1:54PM
What WIIU game(s) should I speedrun?BreadButter43/31 1:53PM
where do you stand with the Wii U?
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omniryu263/31 1:52PM
Club Nintendo: Is there a way to redeem a code....Frosted_Midna93/31 1:49PM
What I want for Star Fox U
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xXDa-KidXx483/31 1:45PM
Could it Be? SMT x Fire Emblem?
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TheZuperHero173/31 1:43PM
Maybe the Nintendo Direct may address Club Nintendo ending and it's replacement.Wesfanboynever23/31 1:29PM
Possible Pokken discussion tomorrow?RotomGuy333/31 1:24PM
anyone else cant register productsaliadnan3713/31 1:24PM
Don't expect Club Nintendo rewards in 2 days
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Ritster21173/31 1:16PM
New leak hints at Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate HD possibly coming to the Wii U.
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Lucretia_Merces163/31 12:59PM
Need some help! Wii U broke, can I re-download games on a new Wii U
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TheRaiderNation143/31 12:53PM
Think they're going to bring up Club Nintendo's successor?Retrowire103/31 12:52PM
Try not to get too hype, the new game announced in this direct is probably...
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CutthemacX153/31 12:49PM
Realistic Pokemmo?plasmawisp171313/31 12:46PM
Gang Beasts will come to Wii U?MBXfilms53/31 12:36PM
Is it too late to register games to CN?FooFighters2543/31 12:36PM