Fun/Mindblowing facts about Nintendo franchises

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Let's do something legitimately fun for once. Try to stick with legitimately interesting and/or funny things, not just stuff like "Clefairy was supposed to be Pokemon's mascot instead of Pikachu". ...Actually, maybe that one would work. I suck at coming up with bad examples.


Donkey Kong, as we all know, is a gorilla. Gorillas are apes, not monkeys. However, Diddy Kong's tail suggests he is a monkey, not an ape. Diddy is said to be Donkey's nephew, despite the difference in species (although DK64's manual calls him a "wannabe" nephew). In other words, Donkey Kong is a monkey's uncle.
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Mario was named after the owner of Nintendo of America's warehouse, who was mad because they were behind on rent. He was so annoyed by NoA that when they offered to name him in Mario Bros. and would cut him in on some profit if he gave them an extension, he actually bit purely because of how funny he thought it would be.

If it weren't for a mad Italian guy, Mario quite literally wouldn't be Mario.
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Wasn't Nintendo some kind of trading card company in the 1800's? Makes me wonder what they did during WWII...
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Samus Aran is based on the mother of Wesley snipes.
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Pokerkid777 posted...
Wasn't Nintendo some kind of trading card company in the 1800's? Makes me wonder what they did during WWII...

Hanafuda cards, actually.
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You probably already know this, but...

In Super Mario Bros., the sprites for the clouds and the bushes are the same, just recolored. As an homage to this, Piranha Plant Slide in Mario Kart 7 does the same thing, but naturally with much higher resolution graphics.
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Any Nintendo worker who cannot get 120 stars in the original Super Mario Galaxy eats in a cafeteria labelled "Fail" and are paid less.
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the music/sounds you hear in the background of the gamecube's menu, is a slowed down version of the Famicom disk start up tune:
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Mario was originally developed with Mario using a guns and rocket packs while platforming.

That blew my mind when I first heard that.
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