The devs are just as mad as you and I.

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IcedEarthaholic posted...
I will be laughing when the game tanks on all three consoles now. UbiSoft will be lucky to see sales of 500K total. Not per console either. The game will not sell, not in September with a ridiculously crowded calendar, and especially not at 60 bucks.


Ubisoft should push the date back a little. Maybe to October, or perhaps late November, so it doesn't have to compete with much.

In November, it will probably have to compete with CoD, so that might not be a good idea.
But October, the only competition it might get is this year's DBZ game, which I'm fairly certain Rayman would outsell, quite easily, at that.
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suprsolider posted...
Your ass hurt? Cus that was a huge one.


You do know that I hate the Dreamcast with a extreme passion right?
I have one that was given to me and I still hate it. I hated it when it was released in 1999, and I HATE IT EVEN MORE NOW.

All I am doing is stating the truth, NO ONE CARES ABOUT Wii U. Making the controller a tablet was not going to help them, never was. Those people have tablets and smart phones which do allot more than the Wii U tablet does.

Facts are facts.

You hate the console with some of the best exclusives ever made?
You have an awful taste in games.
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Apologies if it's been done, but the 1st post forgets the link.
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Thank you; I was wondering what this topic was about.
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Make a public statement that they will quit the company to work on a new IP using the same engine they developed - together with a kickstarter link so we can help them fund their new company...

I've suddenly got 50 bucks available from a cancelled preorder of some delayed game for them to get started...
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If I were the devs, I would walk off in protest. I hope they do actually. They know people are pissed off at UbiSoft. They know their product is ****ed when it releases now, and they officially know that they have no say in matters. Time to change that.
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Make more money, which means we are more likely to see a BG&E2.
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