Was able to get a 360 250gb slim model for my basic Wii U at gamestop

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This was during a recent double trade in value for systems but they do tend to run this deal from time to time.The system also came with Forza 4 and Skyrim.I am very happy with this decision.Here is a link to gamestops current trade in deals so you can keep an eye on it for double system trade in value deals,the deals change weekly.


How much was the actual Wii U trade in value. Before any promo etc...

120 before the promo and double that after,at the time the holiday bundle for 360 with the two games was 250 i think that bundle is not available anymore though.However i have a friend that pretty much did the same thing though,he traded his basic with double credit and got a pre owned 250gb slim 360 for like just over 200 dollars with enough left over to get a pre-owned copy of Borderlands 2.I think BL2 was on sale at the time though.

Good to know. My Basic Wii U with a pro controller isn't selling for $250 on CL.
Wouldn't mind trading in my Wii U to replace my Broken PS3 if they were to give me $240 for it.
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