Its time to rank the worst game companies for Wii U!

#1gfaqsterPosted 2/8/2013 7:55:05 AM
These are the ones I hate the most


I have been boycotting the top 3 for a while now but recently I put Ubisoft back even though I only recently forgave them for the horrible online DRM and their account system forced upon you.
Now with Rayman they are back on my list.

what about you?
#2MarikoNumber35Posted 2/8/2013 7:58:42 AM
yeah I do not like those companies either.
Online passes, locked on disc dlc, expensive dlc for just a color costume, greed, drm, destroying franchises, bashing their loyal fans, treating devs like trash etc.
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#3wingo84Posted 2/8/2013 7:58:45 AM

I wanna add capcom but... RE + MH
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#4GimeaPosted 2/8/2013 7:59:55 AM
well you pretty much listed the only worthwhile Wii U third parties
The new Minecraft
#5nonexistingheroPosted 2/8/2013 8:00:08 AM
Platinum Games
They will ruin Nintendoughs kiddy image with their very violent and sexual game.
Read the mania:
In SA2, it's Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow.
#6Shadowbird_RHPosted 2/8/2013 8:01:01 AM
I still enjoy StarCraft, so I can't sustain a B/A boycott, but I've been WoW free for years, and I intend to keep it that way.
EA doesn't make games I enjoy, and Capcom doesn't make games I enjoy anymore. No Breath of Fire, no Mega Man, no Gargoyle's Quest, might as well be no Capcom.
As for Ubisoft, I've never been a follower of their games, I've never played any games in the Rayman series, but this latest fiasco has me thinking that their developers should just up and quit, and look for jobs with other developers/publishers that aren't managed by morons.
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#7AwesomeOSaucePosted 2/8/2013 8:04:10 AM
ok lets see...

Capcom: dlc, day one dlc, expensive dlc for dumb stuff, locked on disc dlc, new rehash of same game "hyper fighter x turbo final edition plus", murdering megaman, resident evil, dmc, saying the fans are the problem...

EA: just evil everything about them. greedy and evil especially online passes and dumb required ea accounts.

Activision/Blizzard for casual mainstream dudebro shooter garbage, being greedy, elite subscription map packs etc.

Ubisoft: online drm, AC3, and rayman loving M$
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#8AsuirPosted 2/8/2013 8:16:02 AM
Gimea posted...
well you pretty much listed the only worthwhile Wii U third parties

Who needs third party games? Mario, Zelda, and Metroid forever!
#9EndgamePosted 2/8/2013 8:16:43 AM
you all forgot the worst one:

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#10Wiiplayer111Posted 2/8/2013 8:18:43 AM
These companies really have gone down hill this past generation. Their games lacking and their practices bad.

Ubisoft wasn't that bad, then they started releasing Assassin's Creed every year turning a good series into a bland series.
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