inevitable ambassador 2.0?

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User Info: DrSnakes

4 years ago#1
it seems that WIi U launched like the 3DS

very lackluster

will Nintendo get our trust back by offering ambassador 2.0? that will be epic

User Info: vidalmoraza

4 years ago#2
Would need a price drop, like the 3DS, and Nintendo said is not gonna be one at least this year, so I would guess no at your question....
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User Info: nintendo3000

4 years ago#3
I would like the DKC trilogy.
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User Info: Chocobo115

4 years ago#4
tbh, wouldn't buy a Wii U if they dropped the price.
Need to see 3D mario U & Zelda U and like what I see before I buy the Wii U

User Info: Shadowbird_RH

4 years ago#5
The 3DS was released profitable, and the price drop removed it from profitability, at least for a while.
The Wii U is already below profitability. Expecting the price to go lower soon enough to justify a customer compensation program is simply delusional.
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