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Is wii U backward competible with wii?
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MaryJHappy111/29 5:29PM
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Metroid Prime Trilogy (eshop) reads my old save data from the disc versioniammaxhailme31/29 5:24PM
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POKEMON Battle RevolutionsNonomiyaNono31/29 5:08PM
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Do you get Club Nintendo coins for DLC?LuciusMcNasty21/29 5:01PM
Wii u eshop issuesKageblade2351/29 4:57PM
So why do people insult the Wii U using dumb reasons?
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HiiiiiTechnical341/29 4:53PM
Just bought shovelware from the eShop for Club Nintendo coins (my experience)
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farmco121/29 4:44PM
Metroid Prime trilogy made me remember what a great game is...Ding671/29 4:40PM
Which of these Mario franchise titles would you most want to see announced at E3 (Poll)
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wiiking96241/29 4:21PM
Amber LightWolfx91121/29 4:20PM
My Club Nintendo Smash Bros Posters came in and one of them is blank.
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Foo__Fighters151/29 3:59PM
Question about certain Amiibosandizzle2966241/29 3:58PM
For anyone on the fence about picking up the Metroid Prime Trilogy...X_Ste_90_X11/29 3:58PM
In retrospect, I don't really know why I bought Metroid Prime TrilogyDiscomaster91/29 3:54PM
So it seems we've all but given up on third party titles coming to the Wii U?
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AstralFrost111/29 3:53PM
Finally got a Wii UNewman502331/29 3:51PM