So.. what are you guys..

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Ni No Kuni and Sonic All Star Racing Transformed on the U with friends.

How is Sonic All Star Racing Transformed? Is it worth it?

Honestly I picked it up at first as a MP game and because it is only 39.99. Having played it now I have to say that I play the game even when I don't have friends over. It is what the last few Mario Karts should have been. My only complaint is the occasion glitch and slowdown but aside from that it is easily one of the top 5 or 6 games available on the U.

So basically it has fun single player. Excellent local multiplayer (up to 5 players!) and pretty decent online play.

Wow, I may have to give it a go then. My son loves Sonic so he may enjoy this.
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So if I don't kill myself over The Cave. I suck at puzzles, don't know why I keep getting them.

I really need to get back on Muramasa though.
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Playing Hot Shots on my Vita.
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