Ubisoft made that decision because we let them down.

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Funny, someone said a few days ago that ZombiU didn't break 400K.
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Drazulter posted...
When did Ubisoft become Capcom?

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PSOLavis posted...
omniryu posted...
.... Zombiu sold over 600k units and assassin creed 3 over 100k. rayman legend, due it vibrant nature would likely to sell well. Who let who down?
It is bull.

First off, this is a troll topic. Seond those sales you listed are autrocious if true. Combined that is not good sales for rayman legend. Finally fans did not let bisoft down, nintendo let ubisoft down. You don't blame a rape victim (nintendo community)for what the perpetrator of the crime (nintendo) did themselves do you? Similar logic to both, obviously the former is a a wee bit more serious even if some gamers maynot see it that way.

Assassin creed might not turn a profit. But Zombiu sure did. A HD game needs what? 300k to 500k units to be a profit.
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AwayFromHere posted...
Funny, someone said a few days ago that ZombiU didn't break 400K.

With the choice of titles to purchase for the Wii U, sometimes you just gotta buy anything to have something to play. So I could see it having 600k now
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Latino_King posted...
We let them down as Nintendo fans, we let them down as Rayman fans and ultimately, we let them down as gamers.

So Ubisoft did what as right and they decided to extend their reach towards the hands of Sony and Microsoft simply because we didn't show enough support for the Wii U.

I hope you guys are really proud of yourselves now.

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Ubisoft are greedy punks. Plain and simple. Porting a promised exclusive is nothing new, it's almost expected these days. I'm waiting for the ZombiU on PS360 announcement (and the name change). However, making the Wii U owners wait 7 months for a game that has already gone gold and is only two weeks away from release is bs.

The stupidest part being that there are a lot of better games coming out at that time. I'll pass on RL until it hits the twenty dollar mark or is given to me as a gift. My respect for ubisoft was at an all time low with the terrible TMNT Smash Up. ZombiU and Rayman restored my faith in them and got me hyped for them again... Then they did this. SMGDMFH
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Fans didn't let anyone down, nintendo let everyone down by releasing a 2nd rate console that can't generate enough sales to hold on to exclusives.
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Thankfully, the Wii U will still have a couple of exclusives such as Bayonetta 2 and the Wonderful 101...for now.
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I bought (and loved) ZombiU, AC3, and even Your Shape Active Fitness. I was going to buy Rayman. In September we will see. I'm not opposed to buying it then but I really think it will be more crowded game-wise then decreasing the likelihood that I will buy it.
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Latino_King posted...
Thankfully, the Wii U will still have a couple of exclusives such as Bayonetta 2 and the Wonderful 101...for now.

Bayonetta it's keeping, for sure. Kamiya even pointed out that it is purely Nintendo's decision if the game were to go multiplat.
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