Black Ops 2 has made the game drought easier.

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3 years ago#21
ADHDguitar posted...
SSJ4CHRIS posted...
The game drought actually benefited Black Ops 2 more. All the fanboys crying that FPS games are bad and rehashes were forced to buy and then defend the game just to say they had something to play.

BLOPS 2 isn't any less overrated now, but anyone who says CoD isn't fun is a troll.

I used to be a die hard CoD fan (keyword: used)

BLOPS 2 wasnt fun for e at all, I didnt enjoy any of the modes.

I enjoyed Blops 1 much more.

So does that make me a troll just because I would rather play WaW or Cod 4?
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3 years ago#22
I love how this idiot thinks he has the perfect definition of a Nintendo fan.

Lol, he thinks he's exposing fanboys, but he is only exposing himself as a fraud and a hypocrite.

Look at the PS3 board and hell, half of gamefaqs. THEY CANT STAND CALL OF DUTY. Yet its supposedly only Nintendo fans....

Go on any IGN review off call of duty on youtube. Massive dilikes. Yet its only Nintendo fans to this idiot. Halo fans were pissed that IGN gave CodBO2 a high score. read the comment section.

I guess Nintendo fans love Halo as well.

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