Ubisoft just shot themselves in the foot.

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3 years ago#1
I don't know how much the rest of you know about Japanese culture (I'm an expert), but honor and shame are huge parts of it. It's not like it is in America where you can become successful by being an a******. If you screw someone over in Japan, you bring shame to yourself, and the only way to get rid of that shame is repentance.

What this means is the Japanese public, after hearing about this, is not going to want to purchase Rayman Legends, nor will they purchase any of Ubisoft's games. This is HUGE. You can laugh all you want, but Ubisoft has alienated an entire market with this move.

Ubisoft, publicly apologize and cancel Rayman Legends for PS3 and 360 or you can kiss your business goodbye.
3 years ago#2
Not that Legends will sell millions, but Microsoft is doing fine regardless of no acceptance by the japanese gamers.
3 years ago#3
should i call 911
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3 years ago#4
This seems VERY familiar...
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3 years ago#5
oh wow lol
3 years ago#6
For those cultural reasons, I can understand why they wouldn't buy the game, but what I don't understand is the North Americans whining and saying they won't even buy the game anymore. The delay sucks, but it's still going to be the same game you were excited for before it was announced for PS3 and 360.
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3 years ago#7
So what was this from originally? Bayonetta 2?
3 years ago#8
I somehow doubt Rayman held any relevance in Japan in the first place...

Still 7/10, got me to reply.
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3 years ago#9
Fanboys thinking they finally had a good non-port to play got kicked in the teeth by Ubisoft. But those same fanboys would be praising Nintendo if they said a game was finished, then delayed it 2 weeks before release for no real reason.
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3 years ago#10
UbiSoft needs to know there are serious consequences for their actions. This being amongst them. It is only right that people give ole Ubi the middle finger much as they did to us. You think we Americans have no sense of justice or honour? Guess again. You piss us off, we won't buy your product. I convinced my friend to cancel his preorder after Ubi pulled this dick move. And personally I won't buy it until the price is 20 bucks. I can't wait to see this title tank after what they did. It will sell fewer than 500K worldwide on all three platforms now.
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