DF Says Best Console Version Of Sonic Racing Transformed Is On Wii U

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Overall, the Wii U version doesn’t disappoint with its generally solid frame-rate in solo play and its permanently engaged v-sync. Evidence of superior textures isn’t in abundance, but there are occasions where it surpasses 360 – such as on the Panzer Dragoon stage – and the sub-HD resolution it operates at gives largely comparable image quality to the other consoles. Of course, a high watermark is planted by the PC version’s support for superior textures, improved reflection mapping and grander geometry, but the Wii U offering is a unique beast in its own right.

Putting the strong PC port aside, we’d pin the Wii U version down as the console version to opt for based on flexibility alone. Despite being a launch title, the range of options it boasts above the competition is commendable, with support for all original Wii control configurations, plus the GamePad and Classic Pro. Once set, all five players can also be taken online as a group, and, best of all, the visuals and performance aren’t noticeably cut down in the process of adding these new modes and features. However, if these extras aren’t a factor for you, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is also an easy recommendation to make on 360 and PS3.

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But Sega said it was "on par". WTF Sega?
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