Honestly if you think the PS4 is going to be a powerhouse compared to the Wii U

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No. Are you crazy? Making a significantly more powerful console demands a significantly higher price point. I highly doubt Sony wants to commit suicide after their fiasco last gen. Will the Wii U be the weakest? I have little doubt. Will the difference in power be comparable the Wii and PS360? I highly highly doubt it.

Not when you cut out the 100 buck tablet controller lol. wiiU is on par with ps3 (give or take, more or less/ whatever) ps3 is 250 bucks to sell and probably closer to 200 to make, by the time ps4 comes out it will definitely be 200 to make, and lets say the ps4 is 400 bucks, that's double the price of ps3 which is significantly more but not that much more then wiiU only 50 really (and it will come with a bigger harddrive)

PS3 launch $600, double is not $400....

Ps4 launches with $450 price tag. You have to add for the lil' touch pad in the controller.