Games.TM reviews Aliens Colonial Marines. It's disappointing.

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diggyfresh posted...

I don't claim to know everything about this game.

I also don't care what all the reviews are saying. You talk about cash in motivations? Reviews are bought and sold.

I don't work for Gearbox. Just because I disagree with you doesn't mean I'm working for someone lol. I do like conspiracy theories though.

You don't like FPS. That's OK. Does that result in this not being a sequel just because you don't like FPS games? Please explain that because I am too stupid to make that connection.

I got what I know about this game from youtube vids. A lot has leaked recently. And IGN had a 2 hour live stream of the game. Here's the link:

You will clearly see that this is a DIRECT SEQUEL to the movie Aliens.

>Who trusts reviews anyway!
>But heres a scripted 2 hour commercial you can TOTALLY trust from the most trustworthy (lmao) site, IGN

Ok, bro. Ok. Some people have to learn the hard way that western devs that only crank out fps games only care about cashing in on hype and ignorance of the consumers.

You've been warned of the games mediocrity. What you do after this point is all on you. So knock yourself out kiddo
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PrinceOfHot posted...
Reviewer might be a SUPER hardcore Aliens fan. So take it with bias until its played and their is more consensus.

Stay clear of ANY "Super Hardcore Fan" of anything, they're in the minority but they think they can criticize everything from their superior standpoint. That applies to consoles and pc fans, too, of course.
As a 'normal' Alien fan and gamer, of course I'm more than excited to be able to play a follow-up campaign in the Alien universe as a Marine, plus messing about as a xenomorph online or locally, and the radar feature on the gamepad is just the icing on the cake. From the videos and interviews I've seen it looks like they did their best to convey the essence of the series, of which they are fans too, I believe. With recent exploits of the so-called 'professional reviewers' I feel inclined to not put so much trust in them.
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The game doesn't look that great sadly, I was hoping big things for this one.

But LOL at the idea that every game being super polished. The complete opposite is true!! We're in a world of crap framerates, bugs and glitches galore, screen tearing and other issues. The last thing I'd call most of today's big games is "polished".
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Does anyone have a scan or able to take a mobile pic of this review? The magazine isn't on sale yet (I buy it every month) so I'd like to see this early access review if possible. Thanks.
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Also, all of the other game reviews that TC has listed from the magazine are already available to read online.
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Ah except MGS by the looks of it? Guess we'll find out the truth soon enough!
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>7 year dev cycle
>FIVE hour campaign (really?)
>Multiple reviews saying it looks terrible
>Multiple reviews saying its a mediocre game
>Trusting Gearbox ever

I think all the sheep that have bought into the "hurr you cant judge a game unless you personally pay 60 dorrars and play it yourself" industry brainwashing, need to learn how to gamefly and redbox. Cuz if you blow any more than the cost of a rental on this, you literally deserve your dose of highway robbery.

Gearbox is a hack western dev and the only thing they excel at is lying through their teeth and ripping people off.

What reviews? There is not a single review for this game posted on the internet.
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jpricey007 posted...
Does anyone have a scan or able to take a mobile pic of this review? The magazine isn't on sale yet (I buy it every month) so I'd like to see this early access review if possible. Thanks.

I don't know if scans are allowed here, at least on the Gearbox forums, they are not (my thread is now known there)

Like I said, it comes from a magazine and not the site.

As for gameplay, the reviewr said the gameplay felt archaic (like DNF), it's boring and the AI is sloppy.

Here's a rundown of the content in the magazine:

The Next-Gen Countdown: New Xbox VS PS4:
The console war; Playing the Next-Gen; The technology of the Next Generation; Next-Gen Timeline.


Lego City Undercover
Sim City
Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon
Dead Island: Riptide
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Don't Starve Pokémon X and Y
Total War: Rome II
The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct
Beyond: Two Souls
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Where Are They Now?:
The development heroes of yesteryear haven't disappeared - they're still around, still developing, still creating. Games.TM went and hunted down a few of those involved in some of the most enduring, classic titles ever made to ask them about the past, the present and the future. Oh, and Kickstarter.
(taken from page 76)

Game reviews:

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, 9 out of 10
Dead Space 3, 8 out of 10
Aliens: Colonial Marines, 4 out of 10
The Cave, 6 out of 10
Persona 4 Golden, 9 out of 10
Scribblenauts Unlimited, 6 out of 10
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, 8 out of 10
Fractured Soul, 6 out of 10
Crimson Shroud, 8 out of 10
Knytt Underground, 5 out of 10
Miasmata, 7 out of 10
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge, 6 out of 10
Tokyo Crash Mobs, 5 out of 10
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As far as this game goes, as I said, my expectations on anything beyond the experince are kinda low lol

Frankly, what I've been hopeing from for an Aliens game, has been the feel that the original Aliens Vs Predator for PC had waaaay back in the day. So, archaic controls kinda will sit well with me.

Do I think if its has all these strikes its worth a $60 price tag? No. Which is why I likely will rent this one, and eventually likely pick it up used or when it goes on sale (much like i've done with the Batman games.)

The only game I paid full price for simply an experince was Ghostbusters, and at first felt cheated, but the fact that I still get alot of fun of just jumping in and replaying it and feeling like a Ghostbuster has made the purchase more worthwhile.