Post the most ridiculous thing you got reported on Miiverse for

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Petey_Meanis posted...
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Here's an example of being modded for lousy junk.

why did you blank your name out of the pic but left your NNID? Your birthday is coming up soon too!!! I like your pikmin pic.

Oh, that's not me. Just stuff I've seen in the miiverse tag on tumblr.
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Oh, that's not me. Just stuff I've seen in the miiverse tag on tumblr.

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I was only nabbed once thus far...

...I was quoting the parrot/hermit on the island in the "The Cave"... I simply wrote "shut up..."... and I was hit for being hateful/bully... I can see that... I WASN'T being hateful or a bully... just a simple quote from the game... I was still surprised...
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I got modded for spoilers for saying "You unlock a final level for finding all the treasure chests" in response to someone asking what happens when you find all the chests. I guess that's technically spoilers but I didn't notice anyone else getting modded and they said basically the same thing and nobody on that topic marked spoilers.
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