If Nintendo went third party, which console maker would you side with?

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You forgot the option for non-fanboys that just play what they want, instead of this childish loyality BS (i.e. all consoles and pc).

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I own all consoles and a gaming PC, it's best of both worlds. No need to be biased and fanboyish.
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Depends if Nintendo makes games for Playstation, Xbox, or PC. I hope more of Xbox or PC, but if it's Sony, I guess I'll be mainly getting Playstation from now on.
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Masterchief5525 posted...
I own all consoles and a gaming PC, it's best of both worlds. No need to be biased and fanboyish.

Same here :)

Tho if i had to choose id say Sony but i admit that the 360 controller is more comfortable..
But Nintendo games on a x-box just sounds wrong...
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Being on "sides" is childish and immature.
That said, I enjoy Sony products more than Microsoft ones.
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I play xbox, but it tends to be geared more to hardcore, skilled players, which I am not. (3 days later, still haven't killed a bot on DOTA, reset fire emblem sacred stones an average of 3 times per level, got the Rosalina Ghost more than once in Mario Galaxy 2, Lost 45 lives on the second to last boss in sonic adventure 2 Battle, Got two game overs on perfect Chaos in Sonic Adventure, had to get to level 80 before I could beat the elite 4 in pokemon Gold, Yet to find redstone in Minecraft... That bad) Playstation would allow nintendo to allow gamers to enjoy their fine selection of not as extreme, creative games.
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Mature, as in games that don't primarily market to children. You still play Candyland and Chutes and Ladders too? I don't. I moved on to strategic games like Chess, just like I moved on from Mario and friends.

Worst post of the day, folks.

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