Anyone here old enough to remember the Nintendo game tip 900 hotline?

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User Info: TheSmartBlonde

4 years ago#1
Advertised in Nintendo Power magazine. "Please remember to ask permission from your parents before calling." Zelda: A Link to The Past is probably my most anticipated game of all time. I remember calling them up to ask when it was going to be released every 3 months or so.

Thing is I rarely asked permission from my parents to call them. I think once or twice they punished me.

*sigh* Life before many of us used the Internet and/or knew what is was back in 1992.

User Info: mmarkster

4 years ago#2
I remember the Power Line. 1-425-885-7529.
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User Info: Socran

4 years ago#3
I don't actually remember that hotline despite being around when it existed, although I must have been aware of it since I remember its role in The Wizard. Maybe I just thought it was something that only existed in that movie, like the imaginary period of time when Super Mario Bros. 3 hadn't been released yet.
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User Info: realstar

4 years ago#4
I remember calling once when I was stuck on FinalFantasy Legend. The part where you have to search on a particular orb in an undersea cave. Was helpful in the day and Nintendo would give you tips even on other companies titles. (squaresoft)
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User Info: game freakozoid

game freakozoid
4 years ago#5
I remember it but never used it. I personally don't remember much before my family got a computer and I was introduced to this 'new fangled' thing called the internet.

User Info: LordElohim

4 years ago#6
It wasn't 425, it was 206.
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User Info: STN79

4 years ago#7
I called it once for help on Link to the past. You know that part where you need the moon pearl to prevent turning into a bunny in the dark world? I couldn't figure out how to reach the top of death mountain and find the moon pearl. I felt pretty stupid when i found out what to do. I was like duh i could have figured that out. Hey i was only 12 cut me some friggin slack.

User Info: GuitaristMatt

4 years ago#8
425 and 206 are both near seattle which is NoA ish area, the number could have changed easily. Especially since I think 206 came around in 2001?
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User Info: Naruto

4 years ago#9
Nope, I would flip through gaming magazines for walkthroughs or strategy guides.

User Info: DarthNAS4

4 years ago#10
I got stuck on Shadowrun and had to call.
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