Face it. There was no point in all in buying a WiiU until a price drop

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I just bought a WiiU with my tax return on the 6th and I don't regret it one bit. NSMBU is my favorite NSMB game so far and just being able to play Mario in HD on a big screen is a big enough point for me to warrant a purchase. I have a job so $400 wasn't breaking the bank and for that very same reason a $50 price drop wouldn't make the system any more or less appealing to me.

Yes, there's a shortage of games. There's a hundred other topics about it. There's more coming. You already spent the money. It's already gone so there's no point in dwelling on it. Just play one of the thousands of other games on the other consoles until some more games come along. Surely that's more productive than going onto a message board just to voice your frustration to a bunch of people who can't help you?
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Well I haven't got one yet but that's not due to the price, it's more what games are available currently, none of them interest me.

When Mario (3D platformer) comes out, Smash Bros, Zelda WW HD (if they add in extras... but i'll probably get it anyway) and X are out is when i'll get one and by then the price could have dropped by then anyway.

That being said I'm sort of surprised at the price now,

The Wii launched here (Australia) at $399 this was console, wii-mote, nunchuk wii sports and all the cables and stuff

The Wii U launched at $428 for the premium bundle and $348, taking into account just the premium bundle

i'd consider that price to be pretty fair considering the controller and the general update in the console hardware from the Wii

I got the Wii at launch because Zelda so far this launch hasn't had anything I've wanted to play so I'm waiting for software not necessarily a price drop
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My list of games:

Zombi U
Scribblenauts Unlimited
Nintendo Land
Trine 2
Nano assault Neo
The Cave
Black Ops II

Any gamer in their right mind would say that's a solid library of games to play for your first 3 months. Hell, I'm thinking of buying Sonic racing and transformed.

Games I'll be getting in March: Lego City Undercover. Monster Hunter 3G. I'm sure there will be a game or two along the way before E3.

My point is that there are great games to be played. I didn't bother with the AAA ports, as I have them on the 360 (AC3 excluded...still debating on the Wii U version or 360 version...haven't gotten to that game yet, so I have time).

I remember my other launch/launch window libraries...they were 3-4 games long. Either:

A: Our expectations went through the roof in the last couple years...


B: Our memories about launch/windows went blank.

Of course you'll have some Gamefaq poster say my library sucks, but these are quality games, and I like them. I'm sure I could go through their library and scoff just as much. My point? What I have been saying on these boards for awhile...it comes down to the games.

The Wii U has the games now, but people just like shiny stuff...for the sake of having shiny stuff. Why do you think players have backlogs with 50+ games? They buy for the sake of buying...games.

You can't do that with the Wii U at the moment, so people are bored with the games they haven't beat yet; they just want to go out and buy that new game (then worry about that old game 4 years later). And to the people who just hate, because they hate? Just like real life...ignore the **** out of them. They aren't worth the key stroke.
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even with a price drop there is no point in buying a wii u. no games except the same old zeldas and marios. Again some remake here and there. But where are the big AAA 3rd party titles ? oh yea I forgot, they on the next gen now, on the ps4 and 720. Not somethign the wii u will have. That is why there is no point buying a wii u unless its 150$ or less.
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It needs games, not a price drop.
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TC is right though. Well I might not agree with waiting for a price drop. I think it's decently priced at the moment, but I brought it at launch day and the games really aren't that good. The launch games were basically a decent (but reharshed) Mario title, a mediocre zombie game, a pretty good party game (Nintendo Land), a bunch of inferior ports (besides Tekken) and shovelware.

If the console launched with Rayman Legends, LEGO City Undercover and Zelda: Windwaker HD then that would have been awesome. But those games aren't for awhile so there is no real reason to own a Wii U right now.

All the good games coming out soon are on the PS3/360/PC.
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El_Zaggy posted...
even with a price drop there is no point in buying a wii u. no games except the same old zeldas and marios. Again some remake here and there. But where are the big AAA 3rd party titles ? oh yea I forgot, they on the next gen now, on the ps4 and 720. Not somethign the wii u will have. That is why there is no point buying a wii u unless its 150$ or less.

You buy a console for it's first party and 2nd party offerings. 3rd party is fluff.

The problem with Sony/Microsoft's systems are this: They are just 3rd party port machines. Outside of the few exclusives they have, it's nothing my 3rd party. Nothing you can't get on the other system.

Nintendo's consoles, although still lacking 3rd party, offer something different. Their 1st and 2nd party developers are second to none. They are, of the 3, the only console make who can support a console with just their 1st and 2nd party offerings. They have that many/make that many.

3rd party? A lot of the time they end up some unique to the Nintendo system, so they stay exclusive. They get few ports.

The library wont be as big, but it wont be small. And while Sony and Microsoft share ports, Nintendo will do what they always do: Offer a ton of unique games for their system only, some 3rd party titles too. And that's a good thing.

Problem here is, you wont except it, I know it. It's because it's Mario. Zelda. Kirby. Donkey Kong. Smash Brothers. Pikmin. Metroid. (Hopfully some Star Fox and F-Zer0). A new Yoshi's Island game (brought back an old IP). Animal Crossing.

This isn't touching their 2nd party developers offerings.

PS: Man...That's a lot of first party stuff. Kid Icarus! Pokemon! Nintendo has a lot to offer if they really wanted to pull out all the stop with this console.
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In total I used my Wii U daily as my primary living room internet device.

It has a bigger screen than my mobile phone and is more comfy to hold than a laptop (which I don't own by the way). And it can play games. I even uses the remote feature, when my original remote is too far away and I am too lazy to stand up and get it.

There was a point for me to get one
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NoJobBob posted...
We've all been had

Mario Wiiu? The exact same game we've been playing for years

Rayman and ninja gaiden? Coming to more powerful systems.

ZombieU? terrible

in the end, we bought this system for........................nintendo land?

Lesson learned for me....wait for price drop

just because you dont have a job and it took alot of money to buy this thing doesne't mean you have to come here and whine to use about it
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Sure there is. If the right game(s) came out, I'd buy it right now, without a price drop. A price drop means nothing and is rather pointless/ineffective without the support of games.