Worst case scenario: Wii U gets the GC's level of 3rd party support

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Trust me if you were around for N64 you'd know it had worst support. Unless of course you didn't care to research. We're talking about the system that made Nintendo fall from the dominant force in videogames. This was what cost them their reputation as console makers back in the 90's. They've never really been on top since.

^Not with third parties, anyway. But overall I do agree with the topic. Honestly it wouldn't be so bad, and I do suspect that it CAN do even better than GC, not just because its HD with standard control schemes, but also having the more efficient eShop this gen vs. what they had before in the Wii Shop SHOULD attract a LOT more developer attention (the talented indies at least). Its also likely to have even more quality games to chose from along that path as well, not just the ones on retail disc, whether its from Nintendo or competent 3rd parties who are still willing to put forth the effort.
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No, worst case scenario, Nintendo exits the gaming industry and starts World War 3.

That would actually be a best case scenario. Because we all know Nintendo shoots love instead of metal bullets!

But...you'll have machines made out of Nintendium. I heard only Gundanium alloy is stronger and Japan has that too
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