Lol nintendo played...Wall of text

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The developers sports games didn't sell well duh everyone already has them ps3/360. Activation disappointed duh every one already has them ps3/360 CALL OF DUTY got played that's right. Ubisoft every one has them except zombie u 360/ps3!!! Nintendo Played the big companies to sell the SYSTEM not the games. Give it time nintendo will unleash a ton of great games in due time. Then the system will be flying off the shelves. Very dumb move by ubisoft to play them back. Rayman would have been flying off the shelves but nope now ps3/360/wii u owners will all be like LOL Rayman???? Grand theft auto it is Zelda it is wonderful 101 it is Monster hunter it is Pikman it is. By the time raymans out itt will be overlooked mark my words.
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I didn't read what you wrote. But I agree wholeheartedly.
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What is it you're saying?
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i think he's saying wii u was destined to fail.
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