Nintendo's secret green power plan for WiiU.

#1sonicsonicPosted 2/11/2013 10:04:27 AM
I heard a rumour from a guy I know, who handles patents and all that. hush hush stuff.

Anyway you guys remember the N64 had the added expansion pack for the RAM. Well I heard Nintendo were planning to release an adapter that lets you connect your previous Nintendo consoles to the WiiU. Which lets it tap into it's hidden power (DBZ angry Gohan style).

He said that the power increase was dependant of what console you connected and here's what he said:

Wii- 3X
N64- 1.5X
SNES- 1.2X
NES- 10X

I know this sounds like rubbish and that I am an idiot, but honestly guys the WiiU has hidden power. Wait till E3!