I think nintendo's real problem was putting all their eggs in one basket.

#1zalmutePosted 2/11/2013 11:40:18 AM
For the 3ds and the WiiU launches, Nintendo held back releasing something that will really attract the consumers. I believe their focus on trying to get third parties up front hurt them really bad with 3ds and the rayman situation really hurt their credibility. I think they should have tiered out their 25 games. If they knew that it was nov-march until one of their larger games (monster hunter) and they had 25 games for that period, maybe they should have released the games a few games per month. Launch with Nintendo land and the older ports (batman, darksiders), bring mario out in December, have tekken and ninja gaiden (with all the downloads) in Jan, feb something along with rayman, etc. That way if someone pulled support they would not have been screwed like with Rayman.

I say nintendo should (next time) release a console with a huge game. Nintendo is best known for their own games so launch big.
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#2cucumberkingPosted 2/11/2013 11:45:29 AM
They give the 3rd party games a chance, and they get let down. I agree. The next Nintendo console should drop with something big.