Best looking game on the Wii U right now?

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Managed to get to Buckingham palace. Taking it slow, I panic way too much when playing that game :/

Haha, I hear that. It'd be great if there was some sort of "sneak mode", maybe something similar to The Elder Scrolls sneaking. If nothing else it would make me feel safer!

Taking it slow is what keeps you alive in that game. If you just run through you'll miss a zombie and they'll sneak up and get you when you're not expecting them.

Haven't started Survival Mode yet, but on my Normal playthrough I had one survivor get all the way up past the Nursery with a 13000 score, and then I died. You wanna see a grown man cry, come to my place when that happens to me in Survival Mode and I have to start the game over. lol
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Trine 2, by a landslide
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ZombiU is ugly but the lighting is crazy good
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