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I miss Harvest Moon on consolesLemon_Master19/2 11:43PM
Game theory on Rosalina's true origin.
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21_21229/2 11:35PM
How would you react if they give Link a beard or moustache in the next game?
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fbt47239/2 11:18PM
Big Possibility for Gamecube support in update
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Muzza167219/2 11:02PM
What is your favorite controller? (Poll)
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burningxbridges389/2 10:56PM
Can someone tell me a reason why to not get this?
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Zazabar149/2 10:53PM
Since there's a 'New' 3DS coming out soon, could there be a 'New' WiiU at all?GreatCongratsby49/2 10:45PM
32GB Black Mario 3D World and Nintendo Land bundle coming out will you buy it?
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Chrome76189/2 10:37PM
Do You Know Anyone Waiting for Smash to Buy Wii U?
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SampsonM149/2 10:35PM
Nintendo Direct on Thursday...For Bayonetta 2.
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Sakurafanboy389/2 10:32PM
Do you agree with this statement regarding console specs? (Poll)
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AstralFrost489/2 10:29PM
should nintendo abandon nintendo direct in favor of Press Conference Events? (Poll)NightMareBunny19/2 10:15PM
tell the truth, do you like fire emblem/ff tactics/advance war/disgaea gameplay? (Poll)
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Snow-Dust219/2 10:09PM
So is Nintendo doing a Direct for TGS or are they just going to be on the floor?Neonwarrior124369/2 10:05PM
Why doesn't nintendo advertise devils third
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Snow-Dust159/2 9:58PM
Wii U games coming out during SeptemberHermeticJustice89/2 9:52PM
free super mario bros 2 nes VC codeelbarto139/2 9:49PM
Thoughts?Iiquid_mario49/2 9:28PM
Connecting to Campus Wi-fi issues. Anybody have experience with thisCamelJames2869/2 9:16PM
We probably won't see Metroid footage for quite some time.Chenmaster239/2 9:15PM