Shigeru Miyamoto "I have never said that video games are an art"

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Miyamoto was in the U.K. to accept a Fellowship award from BAFTA, and said, "It's a great honor that my name might be listed as a fellowship member along with such a great director as Hitchcock."

At the same time, Miyamoto resisted the idea of putting games in the same classification as film, noting that he sees his role more as that of an entertainer. "I have never said that video games (are) an art," he said.

He also says similar things in another interview.

Shigeru Miyamoto "What we have created are not art but products. For us, the main are the customers and not games themselves. I always tell staff to call Nintendo games products, not art."

Source (in Japanese)
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That's a shame. Not that I resist the concept of games as products first really. Just that it's apparent he doesn't value his vision and expression of it as art. Art can be as commercial as anything else. The commercial nature of a given piece can even lend to the message it gives overall. A product like Zelda that shares his fond memories of exploring his world as a youth with millions is his art. For someone with such a clear artistic voice it's a shame that he's apparently unaware of it. Then again, keeping people focused on a product and stifling their inner Unique Butterfly feels like a sound leadership tactic, ensuring his vision shines through their work.
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Do videogames not have art designers? Do you not need some artistic talent to make them? Can't they be both products and art?
Call them what you want but yes indeed they are an art form.
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I agree with him. Games are usually just toys. People pretend everything is art these days...
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I personally think it is a good mindset. I'm friends with a number of game students and many of them are too into making a project they are currently working on into art. Always at the expense of playable and enjoyment of the game. If trying to make a game "art" is getting in the way of the game itself, you are doing something wrong.

Before anyone throws knives, I'm not saying that a game shouldn't have a good aesthetics.
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It took him long enough to wake up. I mean, my god, he believes in Santa Claus!
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It's just him being humble.
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Videogames as an artform is a shaky subject. While it is undeniable that many artistic qualities go into making a game, the argument that games as a whole being art is debatable and I understand the reasonings behind both arguments. While I tend to think of it as an art, I see it worrisome that developers refuse to call their products art unless it's actually convenient to them. While Miyamoto hasn't ever said games are art, stating that it's a product made to entertain the masses, I've seen many cases where devs have claimed their creations are art only to retract those statements when questioned about its contents. To paraphrase a poster from another site, "until developers are willing to defend their 'art' games will not be universally accepted as an art form."
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P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N posted...
Videogames as an artform is a shaky subject. While it is undeniable that many artistic qualities go into making a game

Stopped reading here.
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I view them as toys rather than art personally, so I'm with him on this one.