I think I'm going to become a Nintendo fanboy again this generation.

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KroganBallEater posted...
(the biggest was Skyward Sword, I absolutely hated it and within 3 hours of the game I gave it a 4/10 and sold it, now I'm 12 hours in and it's a 9/10 so far)

I'm glad you're giving the game a chance instead of hating on it. Admittedly Skyward Sword does start out a little slow (it wasn't a problem for me since I found the beginning of the game fun) but once you really get into the meat of the game you can see why some people like me love the game, in fact it's my favorite Zelda.
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I love my Wii U and the only other system that MIGHT interest me is the ps4. I didn't care much for the PS3 and don't really like their exclusives (Uncharted is the only one I have a slight interest in) but the Xbox and the whole Kinect+light up the room thing would just make me angry. When I am focusing on my screen I don't want lights and stuff illuminating around the screen throughout the room, it's a big distraction to me. I know I probably won't have to use that aspect but why even bother adding up the costs for that unnecessary "bling"?
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I usually buy consoles towards the end of their life when they are cheap and have more games. The wii i bought towards the begining and i already have the wii u. The wii u has been on whenever i am home so i have no complaints. The one think i like about nintendo over everyone else is they innovate and try new things. New things are what makes life interesting.