I played Aliens CM at a fur ends house, they have a lot of fixing to do

#11DaLaggaPosted 2/13/2013 9:37:02 AM
Foppe posted...
Doesn't locked framerate only mean that it wont go faster than the locked framerate?

Correct. Calling it a "locked" framerate isn't exactly accurate though, because locked implies that it never changes. As can be seen in the tech analysis, the framerate on PS3 most certainly plummets well below 30fps. As such, it's more accurate to say that the framerate is "capped" at 30fps.
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"The Thing" was a good game.

Isn't Aliens coming out for Wii U in just a month or so. Thats not enough time to change anything.

Best you can hope for is better graphics and performance.
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Haha I get it! You said fur end because us gamers don't actually have any friends :(
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